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For the Love of Cold Drip

Create and Be Seen Session #2


After finishing the first project, I started to think about what to do for the second, and I remembered that a few months ago, a friend of mine who operates a coffee truck saw my Instagram account and told me he liked my drawings. So I thought if I draw something related to his coffee truck and give it to him as a gift, it would be a cool project for me.

Insomnia Brew Trucl
Insomnia Brew Truck @ Bodrum. Especially try the cold drip!

The name of the truck is Insomnia Brewtruck, there is an owl in its logo, and an owl drawing would be a good fit. First I thought "No, can't be an owl!" because I don't know how to draw an owl at all and also not sure if I will be able to ever. But then I remembered these projects are for me to grow too. So, why not take this as a challenge and go with it?

I came up with several options regarding the owl idea. The first one is to find a cool owl photo and draw it in my own style (my own style?). Later I thought that it might be better to come up with a composition that includes an owl and coffee beans. The last option is to combine the owl and the name of the truck in a typographic poster. All three options include an owl illustration which really scared me to the bones because I thought that I didn't have the knowledge and practice to draw an owl. Nonetheless, I decided to go with the third option. Including the name of the coffee shop in the illustration would make the gift more unique and custom tailored, which adds more value to it.

Sketches and notes
First notes about the project...

One of the lessons I've learned from the first project was to be patient. So after thinking about what to draw and coming up with some options, I let it settle for a while... two weeks to be exact. But during this time, I looked at owl photos, researched and read about them, and as a result, decided to focus on the face of an owl.

Owl photos
A screenshot from owl image search through

First focused on the eyes, the basic shape of them, and the feathers around them. Then continued with the composition, and found the best ratio of the face, compared to the size of the paper.

Sketches and notes
Eyes and feathers...

After finding the perfect (the one I had in my mind) eye shape and the composition, I moved to thumbnail sketches of the final piece, fully rendered. Also, at the same time, worked on the type.

Sketches and notes
Type tests and thumbnail sketches...

With the thumbnail sketch done, it was the time for me to start working on the final piece. But of course, it's not easy when you have a perfect thumbnail sketch and next to it a blank paper that needs to be at least that good. There's a fear attached to this process of moving from thumbnail sketch to the big size paper. With the thumbnail sketch, you think that you have the perfect drawing. Even though it lacks details, your mind fills them in. You also believe that you have the ideal version already drawn, whether it's thumbnail size or not, you start having a fear of not being able to reproduce the same with the actual big paper. This fear, not being able to replicate what you've done once before, brings lots of questions and doubts with it. However, before losing myself to these questions and doubts, with a swift maneuver, I immediately listed the unknowns and uncertainties causing the fear and started working on them one by one.

After a tough thinking session, I started drawing the final piece, carefully, without hurry. After a few hours, I finished it, and it was awesome, felt awesome, looked awesome...

The Owl and Insomnia Brew Truck
Final piece, The Owl and Insomnia Brew Truck...

Even though I've completed only two projects in two months, I can already feel the difference, being intentional really helps. The final piece of this project, The Owl, is precisely how I imagined it even before the sketches. It was fun reading about owls and learning about them, especially the great gray owl. Also did lots of preparatory work, compared to the first project. The only thing that I could do better was to take more photos of the process, maybe even a video.

From the things I've learned with the process, the most prominent would be turning unknowns into knowns. When there are no unknowns and uncertainties, it's just a walk in the park.

The Owl and The Truck piece where it belongs

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