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In Pursuit of Purpose


Many have their own reasons to create, but until recently, mine was not clear to me. Last week, in an insignificant place and moment, like unlike poles of magnets pulling each other and sticking together, the things that I've read, watched and learned came together and formed a new purpose. I want to be a source of inspiration for people who are having doubts about their ideas, that block them to share what they have and don't allow the progress to happen. I have been inspired by artists, authors, software developers, game designers, musicians, friends and thankful to them for sharing their own struggles, processes, and suggestions, which resulted with me learning from them, realizing that it is not just hard for me but for everyone. This is what paved the road for me to have progress. Especially helped me with thoughts that were blocking me from creating stuff and sharing what I have because of the self-doubt I'm having, the inner voice that's always telling me that I'm doing things in the wrong way. The creative process can be excruciating and tends to make you feel alone and crazy, but I've discovered that it's also gratifying when it's intentional and becomes not about you but others.

To make a creative process more intentional, it should be conscious and interrogative. We should be asking "why?" during the process with every decision, questioning the path that's taking us to it. By questioning, I'm not talking about having doubts, but instead being mindful of the choices we're making and the reasoning behind them. The sum of these decisions we make during the creative process creates the artwork, whether it's a painting, drawing, music, story, game, or software. It's just a series of decisions, about what to add, what to remove, and in what way. Being intentional is not enough, though, we also have to make it about others and be seen by them. Otherwise, we are no different than the superhero with the invisibility power, who can only use it when nobody is looking. We must let others learn from it, and grow with it.

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.
– Mother Teresa

I've come to the conclusion that I must approach creativity from a different angle from now on. I must share my creative and thought processes, let myself and others get inspired from and grow with it. This is why, from this day on, I'm starting "Create and Be Seen" sessions. With these sessions, I will be logging everything I can while making things, and share them with everyone.

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